Bungee jumping in Pokhara

 September 4, Kathmandu.Out of many adventures done worldwidely, Bungee is one of the most thrilling adventure specially for those seek extreme adventures, excitement practiced nationally and internationally. The trend of bungee jumping in Nepal is quite popular because of this tremendous geographical range of hils and Himalayas. Bungee jumping is an action-filled recreational activity that involves head-first jumping from a tall structure with an elastic cord attached into participants' feet. That tall structure can be a building, crane, bridge or even a helicopter. The first modern bungee jump was in 1979 and since then the sport became widely popular. Bungee jumping is one of the most enjoyed extreme sports and available in almost every destination in the world.  

Jumping from the bridge that lies over 160m from the raging Himalayan River with the full technical support is a sheer and short aerial adventure in Nepal. Bungee jumping is one of extra adventure funs that are a challenging sport in Nepal run by professional jumpers/drivers under the secured backup. In Nepal, we offer bungee jumps from two spots. The major bungee jumping spot is the Last Resort, the center of bungee jumping in Nepal that lies on the way to Tibet in Kodari highway near the Friendship Bridge over the Bhote Koshi River.

The newly made bungee jumping spot is nearby Pokhara caters the panorama of Annapurna mountain range and paddy fields during the short thrilling jump. For the jump, you need to book in advance to go there by private or local transport. Every bungee jump in Nepal offers the video of your jump, which would obviously be a beautiful souvenir to save it for the future.

Experience the first and only tower bungee in Nepal at the enchanting city of Pokhara. The bungee jump site is located at Hemja, which is only 25 minutes away from Lakeside, Pokhara. It offers a 75 meter of vertical drop with 3 seconds of free fall where you will have a spellbinding view of the Pokhara Valley.

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