Bardiya National Park

September 12, Kathmandu. Bardiya National Park , established in 1976 AD is the largest national park in terai region with an area of 968 sq. Km. Initially it was established as Royal Hunting Reserve but later was gazetted as Royal Karnali Wildlife Reserve and finally as a national park with the motive to protect the charismatic species like Bengle Tiger, wild elephant and other wild flora and fauna.

Bardiya National Park is the biggest proof that Nepal is much more than mountains alone. Besides the high peaks of the Himalayas, Nepal also has lush forest full of wildlife.

Bardiya National Park was established in 1988 and is the largest protected area in Nepal’s Terai. Together with the neighboring Banke National Park, represents the Tiger Conservation Unit (TCU) Bardia-Banke, a vast extension of alluvial grasslands and subtropical moist deciduous forests home of the emblematic Bengal tiger.

Many efforts have been made in cooperation with international organizations to protect this endangered species that finds here one of the largest refuges in Asia and whose population is envisioned to double by 2022. The park is also home to many other endangered species such as the wild Asian elephant or the great one-horned rhinoceros along with 50 other mammal species and 400 of birds. Bardia National Park is firmly committed to preserve this wildlife and their habitat.

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