Bindhyabasini temple

September 14, Kathmandu. Bindhyabasini, one of the oldest temples in the Pokhara valley, has an immense cultural value.dedicated to Goddess Bhagawati, Bindhyabasini is considered as one of the main and foremost Shaktipiths of western Nepal.Situated at a small hill-lock in between the main old market and Bagar it is at a height of 3000 ft.above from the sea level. 

'In spite of number of legends with regard to the origin of this Shaktipith,this column is the view that it was established here in Pokhara valley being highly influenced by the image and popularity of the Devi located at Bindhyachal Pradesh India. Having gone through the then historical documents related to Bindhyabasini temple,one can easily come to the conclusion that Siddi Narayan shah, the last ruler of Kaski state, was the founder of the temple.' ( Kashetry,2057: 14-18)

As the temple is located on a hillock of the natural beauty of the valley. Worshiped both by Hindu and Buddhist communities, the temple has been a center communities have immense faith towards Devi.It is heard to have been expressed that one can materialize the wishes whatever one wishes by worshiping the Devi.Huge number of goats,ducks, and other animals being sacrificed in the name of Devi, can be cited as a proof.Built in a Shikhar Shailee (Shikhar style) the temple has an Idol of Bhagawati having 8 Bhujas (hands).

Puja Samitee is formed by following the rules of the Hindu religious texts.Furthermore,there is performed by following the rules of the Hindu religious texts.Further more,there is another Samittee named 'Bindhyabasini Kshetre Bikash Samittee' which looks over all development of the Dharmik Kashetra.ghuthi containing 40 Muri Khet and pakho (approximately 9 ropani land ) is kept by the government with a view to perform daily Puja and look after the temple . Ghuthi Khet is used by the Pujaries.And apart from it, 8 Muri Khet is kept (approximately 2 ropani land) for playing Nagara (Kshetry,2057:25)

Bindhyabasini Devi, in fact, is a sattwik 9non carnivorous)but offering animal sacrifice in her name is in fact,against the sprit of the Shastra.The columnist of these lines strongly suggests the authorities concerned stopping the system of offering animals in the name of Devi . Briefly speaking, Bindhyabasini, no doubt,is a well-established and a famous Shaktipith of Pokhara valley.She has an immense role to enhance and promote tourism in the valley.The local government has to pay her attention towards the conservation and promotion of this type of cultural heritage.

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