Government Mandates Electronic Chips for Sagarmatha Climbers and Guides

Sagarmatha climbers and mountain guides are now required to use electronic chips as a mandatory measure for effective tracking and rescue operations. The government has mandated the attachment of chips to the jackets of climbers to enhance search and rescue efforts, according to Rakesh Gurung, Director of the Mountaineering Division under the Tourism Department.

Despite plans to implement mandatory chips from last year's spring season, Gurung explained that due to time constraints, the execution was delayed. Chip agencies will provide these chips, priced between $10 and $15, catering specifically to climbers' needs. Gurung emphasized that previously, only certain agencies used chips, but now it is mandatory for everyone.

Highlighting the chip's features, Gurung mentioned its efficiency in search and rescue, as the GPS device's battery can last for several days, ensuring effectiveness even in remote areas. He reassured climbers that the chip poses no harm even during avalanches, and its use facilitates easy location tracking through detectors.

Additionally, Gurung informed that officials from the Everest Base Camp office, situated in the Sagarmatha Conservation Area, collaborate with the Sagarmatha Pollution Control Committee to monitor and control pollution in the Everest region.

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