Exploring the Mahabharat Great Buddhist Masters Cultural Trail

In the scenic landscapes of Kathmandu, a new venture has begun for the development of tourism, focusing on the legendary connection between the five Pandavas and the Mahabharat mountain. The Tamang Tourism Entrepreneurs have established the 'Tamang Rimthim Tourism Network,' highlighting the sacred land of Tapasya, known as 'Temal Danda,' where Buddhist Guru Rimpoche meditated.

This initiative is branded as the 'Mahabharat Great Buddhist Masters Cultural Trail.' Currently, two routes have been established. The first route starts from Kabhre's Panoati and leads to Namche Bazaar, Bhakunde Besi, Temal Danda, and finally to Dapcha. This route spans a 5-day trek, allowing travelers to immerse themselves in the cultural and natural beauty. The second route begins at Kabhre's Dolalghat, incorporating activities like rafting in Jagar Besi on the first day, followed by a 4-day trek to explore Kalleri, Temal, Namche Bazaar, and more.

The president of the Tamang Rimthim Tourism Network, Sarita Lama, emphasizes the potential for extensive tourism benefits in the Mahabharat region. The collaboration with Timal Rural Municipality and Roshi Rural Municipality has also resulted in the publication of a tourist map for the new trail.

The Mahabharat region offers unparalleled natural and cultural treasures, making it ideal for activities like Jhankri tourism and showcasing the Tamal area as suitable for Jhankri tours. Additionally, the region is rich in biodiversity, making it perfect for studying plant life and wildlife.

The route stands out for its proximity to Kathmandu, making it accessible for those seeking an alternative to the bustling city life. The Middle Hill region's homestays allow visitors to experience the unique cultures of Tamang, Kshetri, Majhi, and Magar communities.

Temal Danda holds great significance in Buddhist history, being considered a sacred land for Buddha Dharma. Guru Rimpoche's meditation cave, 'Tong Sum Kundag' (Gelung U), and Narayanathan in Temal Danda add spiritual depth to the trail. Moreover, with Temal as a central point, the trail extends up to Sindhuli.

In conclusion, the Mahabharat Great Buddhist Masters Cultural Trail not only promotes tourism but also benefits the local communities. The diverse offerings of nature, culture, and spirituality make this trail a unique and enriching experience for travelers.


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