Kalikot Welcomes First-Ever Basic Ski Training Program

Kalikot hosts its inaugural basic ski training program.

in a groundbreaking collaboration, the Nepal Mountain Academy, Nepal Tourism Board, Karnali Province Sports Council, Karnali Province Ski Association, Raskot Municipality, and Ski and Snowboard Foundation have joined forces to introduce a 7-day basic ski training program in the breathtaking landscapes of Kalikot.

This initiative marks a significant stride towards promoting adventure sports, fostering skill development, and nurturing sustainable tourism in the picturesque region of Kalikot. Supported by the Karnali Ski Association, the program aims to empower locals and enthusiasts with fundamental skiing techniques, leveraging the expertise of Nepalese ski instructors who were once students themselves.

Amidst the majestic backdrop of Kalikot's Badimalika, participants will receive training facilitated by seasoned professionals, coupled with the donation of essential gear to bolster the growth of skiing within the community. This inaugural endeavor stands as a testament to the collective vision of creating a vibrant skiing culture in Nepal over the past eight years.

Expressing gratitude for the unwavering support and enthusiasm, organizers highlight the realization of their long-cherished dream to cultivate a generation of skilled skiers in Nepal. The event not only signifies a new chapter in Kalikot's adventure tourism but also underscores the nation's evolving landscape in embracing diverse recreational pursuits.

As the inaugural basic ski training program unfolds in Kalikot, it heralds a promising future for adventure enthusiasts and tourism stakeholders alike, epitomizing the spirit of collaboration, empowerment, and exploration in the heart of the Himalayas.

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