Kathmandu fun park

September 14, Kathmandu. 

Kathmandu fun park is one of the biggest amusement parks in the center of the Kathmandu Valley. Which is located in a prime location and this is the oldest and most crowded entertainment park in the city. Also, this park is for those kids and adults who wish you enjoy their weekend with friends and families. Even families are going there to have a pleasant time and lovers are going there for spending quality time together.

To go inside the Kathmandu Fun Park need to buy a ticket, for the ticket, they have a different rate for adults and students. For adults, it cost 60 rupees per person and half the price for the students who need to show their student cards. And there is free entry for kids under 3 years. After getting inside the park whatever you want to play need to buy a ticket for that. And there are different sections for kids and adults.

For kids, have a different setup and enjoy things like jumping, cannel, slides, horses, honey bees, and all the latest enjoyable tools are there. For kids, they offer single and combo tickets, and in combo, a kid can play seven different games. To play one by one need to buy different tickets for different games and that cost a bit more than the combo. There is a free small playground for kids where kids under 12 years can play little things but that is not as nice and enjoyable as paying for one.

For adults, there are varieties of games they can enjoy. The most popular games are Dragon, Columbus, and Rote Ping among adult visitors. Also, there are some games where players can win gifts. Ring, basketball, and football, down all the cups, drop the balls, and throw the arrow to break the balloons. All the game players and winners can win little gifts. The family members also can enjoy game-like boating, park train, etc.

Inside the park, there are food stalls or sections and football grounds to play football for football lovers. Football ground means not a big ground there is an indoor football hall. Also, there is a ghost house to have an extreme horror experience. So, Kathmandu Fun Park is a full package to enjoy the weekend with friends and families to enjoy your weekend. 


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