Renowned Israeli Blogger Nas Daily Visits Lumbini, Explores Buddhism

Israeli blogger Nas Daily recently made headlines by visiting Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha, in Nepal. During his visit, he engaged in deep discussions with a Buddhist spiritual guru, delving into the essence of Buddhism. Nas Daily revealed that he spent a month understanding the intricacies of Buddhist teachings and practices.

In a publicly shared video, Nas Daily confessed his newfound identity as a "secret Buddhist," emphasizing his clandestine exploration of Buddhist philosophy. He recounted his immersive experience in Lumbini, where he gained profound insights into the teachings of Buddha from a local Buddhist master.

Despite his fame, Nas Daily continues to challenge himself with diverse experiences. Previously, he undertook physical fitness challenges, followed by a six-month spiritual journey. His current endeavor involves delving into different religions, with six months dedicated to studying each. For his study of Hinduism, Nas traveled to Varanasi in India, while he visited Jerusalem for Christianity, and Mecca in Saudi Arabia for Islam.

Upon returning to Nepal from his recent pilgrimage, Nas was pleasantly surprised by a gesture of kindness at Kathmandu's airport. A Nepali offered him support by handing over 15,000 rupees when Nas encountered trouble with his card. Currently, Nas actively runs various organizations such as Nas Academy, Nas Studios, and Nas IO in addition to his philanthropic endeavors. He has garnered a significant fan following in Nepal as well.


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